A Guide to Counting Sheltered Homeless People

This guide describes recommended methods for collecting data on sheltered homeless populations, that is, homeless persons residing in emergency shelter, transitional housing or Safe Havens. Beginning in 2012, all CoCs will be required to conduct an annual sheltered PIT count. The count must include population and subpopulation data. Originally published in 2006, it is a companion to HUD’s Guide to Counting Unsheltered Homeless People and Calculating Unmet Need for Homeless Individuals and Families. This updated version clarifies HUD standards for counting homeless persons moving forward. By giving CoCs the tools they need to collect accurate, reliable data on their local homeless populations, HUD hopes that these three resources will help CoCs to identify community-specific service needs and gaps, access additional funding and resources, and increase public awareness of the challenges to ending homelessness. 

Publication Date: 
Washington, DC, USA