Guide to models of delivering health services to homeless people

The target audience for this guide is primary care trusts, local authorities and voluntary sector organisations that are planning health and social care services for homeless people. The aims of the guide are: • To promote a holistic idea of health on the agenda of homelessness prevention • To encourage primary care trusts to plan services to reach their homeless population • To disseminate ideas and share experience so that the wheel does not have to be reinvented • To put practitioners in touch with each other • To promote joint working between local authorities and primary care trusts and voluntary organisations. This guide is intended to be a practical document to be used by primary care trusts and local authorities and voluntary organisations when planning health services for homeless people. The focus of the guide is single homeless people but some of the services included also work with homeless families. All the examples in the guide come from London but it is not a guide to health services for homeless people in London, it is rather a guide to models of delivering health services. It focuses on services that have diverse elements in their structures that might be interesting for commissioners of new services.

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