Guidelines for Effective Knowledge Mobilization

These guidelines are intended to help applicants and grant holders incorporate knowledge mobilization activities, including data management, into their SSHRC-funded research, to maximize the impact of social sciences and humanities research.

These guidelines will help grant applicants determine the following:

  • To whom should research results be communicated?
  • How is the process of communicating research results best mapped?
  • How will the proposed knowledge mobilization activities advance the stated research goals?
  • Will interactions with knowledge users be fed into research design?
  • How will interactions be sustained beyond the life of the project?

Applicants’ use of these guidelines will also enable SSHRC’s merit reviewers to more effectively evaluate the knowledge mobilization activities described in funding applications. The guidelines also serve as a resource, when advising prospective applicants, for postsecondary institutions and partnering organizations involved in research and related activities.


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