Happy Valley-Goose Bay - Community Plan for Addressing Homelessness and Transitional Housing - 2007

Between March and June, 2007, the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Homelessness/Transitional Housing Working Group coordinated research into homelessness and housing issues in the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. With supports from the National Housing Initiative / Regional Homelessness Fund, the St John’s Advisory Committee on Homelessness and many local partners, the Working Group contracted the Lichen Group to conduct local research on these issues. 

The result is a Community Plan for initiating work on these issues in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The Plan describes how the research was conducted, the results, and some experiences of others working to alleviate homelessness. The main purpose of the Plan is to identify housing and homelessness issues facing people in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and to identify key strategic directions for future initiatives.   

There are a multitude of inter-related issues here, all important. The recommendations in this Plan focus on those issues considered to be most urgent and important to address immediately.

Publication Date: 
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, St John's, NL, Canada