The Health of Homeless Adults in New York City

The Health of Homeless Adults in New York City represents an unprecedented collaboration between the health and homeless services agencies to better understand, and ultimately improve, the health of tens of thousands of New Yorkers who experience homelessness each year. While we still have much to learn about the relationship between homelessness and health, the report makes it clear that homeless individuals are susceptible to poor physical and mental health. It confirms knowledge in some areas and offers new insight in others. The report offers recommendations and immediate action steps to improve the health of homeless New Yorkers. Progress requires working closely with our partners in community-based organizations and the health care community, particularly those providing direct services to homeless people. Our agencies are fully committed to building stronger ties with these institutions. This report is a stark reminder that homelessness and the conditions that lead to it take a heavy toll on health. We hope this unique undertaking serves as both a resource and a challenge for those seeking to improve the health of those without homes. (Authors)

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