Homelessness and Housing as a Right

This two-part podcast offers an in-depth understanding of homelessness and housing as a right. In Part 1, explores the systems challenges of homelessness and interventions like Housing First, as well as initiatives striving to prevent and address youth homelessness and Indigenous homelessness. Part 2, explores the socially innovative solutions that are working and the barriers that remain to meaningfully redesigning these systems to help eradicate homelessness.

To better understand the complexities of homelessness, we look at the City of Hamilton as a case study. A once affordable city located on the western shores of Lake Ontario, Hamilton is now ranked the third most expensive city in North America. We examine various innovative pilot projects happening in and around this community, which has committed to ending chronic homelessness by 2025. We hear the voices of nine experts, working on homelessness in various capacities from the policy to the grassroots level, as we unpack the different perspectives and efforts underway to not just manage homelessness but to end it. 

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