Homelessness and Mental Health - Summer 2013

Much has been written on the interrelatedness of mental health and homelessness, some arguing that mental health problems lead to homelessness, while others claiming that homelessness is a stress factor which provokes mental ill health. Although the direction of causality is not straightforward, the link clearly shows how mental health cannot be treated in isolation and how its wider social context, e.g. social status, poverty or social relations, has to be considered.



Traumatic Brain Injury andMental Health AmongstIndividuals Who Are Homeless
Jane Topolovec-Vranic andNaomi Ennis

The Human Reality ofMortgage Evictions from aMultidisciplinary Perspective
Juan Ramis-Pujol

Psychotherapy with HomelessPeople
Peter Cockersell

Was a Choice Ever Made?
Lotten Säfström

My Freedom to Walk Awayfrom Coercive Psychiatry
Jolijn Santegoeds

The Value of Doing ThingsRight
Gabor Petri

An Art-Based Open Studio:A Safe Haven
Linda den Otter

The Life of PIE
Peter Cockersell

Publication Date: 
Summer 2013