Homelessness kills: An analysis of the mortality of homeless people in early twenty-first century England

The aim of this research was to investigate homeless mortality in England for the period 2001-2009. It aimed to take previous research on homeless mortality forward for both rough sleepers and homeless hostel residents, and to investigate how the patterns of mortality of homeless people differ from those of the general adult population. Access to individual mortality records meant that it was possible to undertake a more in-depth investigation than had been possible in previous research on homeless mortality. New research by Crisis reveals some shocking truths about the mortality and causes of death of homeless people compared to the general population: - The average age of death for homeless people is 47 years; - The chance of dying from drug-related causes is 20 times higher; - The chance of dying from alcohol-related causes are 7 times higher; - Homeless people are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide; and - Nearly 7 times more likely to die from HIV or hepatitis. This research is the first to analyse homeless mortality at the national level for all causes of death in England.

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