The Homelessness Monitor: England 2012

The Homelessness Monitor: England 2012 is the second year report of a major five-year independent study into the impact of the economic downturn and policy developments homelessness in England. Key findings from the research are: - Visible forms of homelessness are continuing to rise sharply: the number of rough sleepers in England rose by 23% over the last year. Homelessness is growing most rapidly in London and the South; - Hidden homelessness is rising with people having to live in concealed, overcrowded and shared households; - The Coalition Government's welfare reforms are creating difficulties for those seeking housing in the private rented sector; - Young people and families have been badly hit and will be worst affected by the weakening in the housing safety net in England; and - The increasing risk of homelessness is heavily concentrated on the poorest and most disadvantaged.

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