Housing Concerns of Vulnerable Older Canadians - Homeless Hub Research Summary Series

A national housing policy does not exist in Canada, which makes an individual’s housing his/her sole responsibility. Social housing programs are needed to meet the needs of vulnerable older adults as many of them face challenges that make it difficult to hold onto their home. Some of these challenges include living on a small income, being socially isolated and suffering from ongoing illness that affect their physical and mental wellbeing. Households spending less than 30% of their gross income are considered to be affordable. They are considered to be suitable if there are enough bedrooms to meet space needs and are considered to be adequate if they do not need major repairs. Households are considered to be in core housing need if they do not meet at least one of the three standards. Almost 17% per cent of senior households are in core housing need in Canada.

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Housing Concerns of Vulnerable Older Canadians was published in the Canadian Journal on Aging Volume 29, Issue 3 in 2010.

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