Housing stability after the house is built- Homeless Hub Research Summary Series

Homelessness is partly caused by a lack affordable housing in Canada. Several cities have made attempts to implement plans to end homelessness. There is still a lack of coordinated funding. The federal government spends about $135M on homelessness. The ten largest communities receive 80% of the money. The remaining 20% is split between 51 communities. Smaller communities frequently lack the funds needed to create stable housing. Despite limited funding, there is an increasing need for housing. The needs of those experiencing homelessness are complex. Those who are chronically homeless are more likely to suffer from mental illness or addictions. Even those who do not face mental illness or addictions may need help with crisis intervention, employment and/or food security. It is timely to understand the approaches that can help people live in stable housing.

“More than the house”: a Canadian perspective on housing stability was published in the Journal of Housing, Care and Support, 15(3): 99 - 108, 2012

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