How is Poverty Reduced?

Solving poverty isn’t like baking a cake, which can be done by following a sequence of steps. Solving poverty isn’t like flying to the moon, which requires a complicated plan. Solving poverty is more like raising a child: there are many changing factors to respond to along the way. Poverty is also similar to the complex task of raising a child in that ‘it takes a village’ to reduce poverty – it requires many people with different roles to play, all coordinating their efforts so that they can achieve the same goal. We need individuals, communities, systems and institutions to create an environment that removes barriers and supports all individuals to develop strong assets and, by extension, resilience to poverty. In many provinces and cities in Canada, this is being addressed through provincial and municipal poverty reduction strategies. Solutions to poverty require a spectrum of interventions for people with different needs, different lives, and different experiences, all of which are influenced by the changing nature of our communities. Poverty is complex, and complex problems require complex solutions. Most importantly, poverty <i>can</i> be significantly reduced.

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