The impact of social and cultural activities on the health and wellbeing of homeless people

Westminster PCT commissioned the Research Team at Broadway, a pan-London Homelessness charity, to undertake a project exploring the links between social and cultural activities and health. The project was undertaken between April and July 2005.

This key findings report summarises findings from the following: ƒ

  • A literature review ƒ
  • Five workshops with a total of 45 homeless people in hostels and day centres across Westminster ƒ
  • Interviews with seven health and homelessness professionals and two meetings with stakeholders.

Those interviewed were doctors (three), a community nurse, a counsellor, a clinical manager, a therapist and a New Initiatives Manager. The meetings were held with project workers and the project manager at the Church Army and at Voluntary Action, Westminster’s Homelessness Forum. People who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness were involved in reviewing research materials and facilitating four of the five workshops. The findings that follow are based on the three objectives for the project and key recommendations and areas for action emerging from the research.

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