Information for Service Providers Working with Homeless Persons

The Homeless Hub has a wide range of content to further your knowledge and assist you in working with homeless persons.

The Library- The Homeless Hub has the most extensive research library on homelessness in the world, with over 25,000 resources and counting. Search for articles, reports, videos and other resources.

Conduct Research
– The Doing Research section provides information to guide you through: ethics, methodologies, community planning and program evaluation, including the Outcomes Star tool. You can also find others conducting research by location and/or topic through our Canada-wide database of researchers

– The Homeless Hub’s Topics section breaks down homelessness issues into key topics and subtopics. Each of these includes a non-technical description and list of related articles that will enhance the descriptive text provided.

- The Experiences section contains a number of first-hand accounts from people who have experienced homelessness.

– The gives service providers from various backgrounds a common workspace to network, collaborate and share information.

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