From Insecurity to Prosperity: Practical Ideas for a Stronger Canada

This publication is a must-read for policy makers and practitioners if you are interested in solutions that reduce poverty and promote a more prosperous and inclusive Canada. From Insecurity to Prosperity: Practical Ideas for a Stronger Canada presents ideas that have been prepared by Maytree’s policy partners. The ideas cover issues such as employment insurance, caregiver benefits, community engagement, diversity in the arts, immigrant job training and refugee policy reform. While economists are suggesting the worst of the recession is behind us, those of us in the nonprofit sector know that it will take much longer for the average Canadian to feel the effects of the recovery, and that many will continue to be excluded from the prosperity of our society. The recession revealed intolerable gaps in our social safety net and the challenges that newcomers, Aboriginals and others continue to face in Canada. What is needed are good social policies to protect our most vulnerable during this transition, and a strategic investment in the skills and talents of all Canadians. The ideas presented by Maytree’s partners move beyond analyzing these problems to presenting solutions. Maytree’s partners believe, like us, in the power of public policy to transform our society and generate prosperity.

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