Law Reform Opportunities in Quebec for Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence

The Québec Homelessness Prevention Policy Collaborative (Q-HPPC) has concrete law reform recommendations for Quebec to better protect women experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV). Based on consultations with the community, and over a year of research, the Q-HPPC’s Gender Research Stream released a policy paper with recommendations that focus on two areas: the right of victims of IPV and their families to live in safety, free from violence, and the right to adequate housing. Drawing on best practices elsewhere in the country and abroad, the Q-HPPC report proposes a “made-in-Quebec” legal framework to protect both the right to housing and the right to be free from violence. The report identifies five areas for reform and contains twelve recommendations for additions or amendments to Quebec legislation to reduce the risk of residential instability for survivors of IPV and their children.

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