Listening to Homeless People - Involving Homeless People in Evaluating Health Services

Homeless people in London can experience a far lower standard of treatment and service from the NHS than members of the general public can expect. - Homeless people experience discrimination by GPs and GP practices, which impacts on the healthcare they receive – research has found that homeless people are 40 times more likely not to be registered with a GP than members of the general public (note i) and 81% of GPs feel it is more difficult for ahomeless person to register with them than the average person (note ii). - Homeless people experience a lack of continuity of treatment and standards of care. - Drug and alcohol services are fragmentary and hard to access – yet four out of five homeless people interviewed for one piece of research were addicted to either drink or drugs (note iii). - Homeless people are often unable to access information about their rights regarding health services and complaints procedures. - More thought needs to be given to compensating homeless people for their input in monitoring and evaluation – as their time and experience is crucial to investigating these issues.

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