Looking At Our Homeless Veterans Programs : How Effective Are They?

Chairman CRAIG. Good morning. We are doing something very unusual in the history of the Senate. We will be starting the hearing early today because we have been thrown a curve, and that is we are in a marathon voting session with the budget resolution. At about 10:40, Senator Akaka and I are going to have to leave for a series of votes, so we are going to have to abbreviate the whole process today. We still want to get all of you in, those who have come to testify, and so we will certainly accommodate and feel obligated to do so. Obviously, dealing with America’s homeless veterans is a critical and important issue to us. This Committee has focused on this problem and how to resolve it, and will continue to as we look at it not only today, but into the future. This year alone, more than a half dozen Federal agencies will devote over $2 billion to homelessness. The VA alone will spend upwards of $221 million to treat the underlying conditions and situations. It is important that we know how that is working because reports indicate that there are still way too many homeless veterans. I think we must also pursue, as it relates to what triggers a program, who is a homeless veteran, how that individual is identified and defined, and that is going to be an important part of the issue. (Authors)

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