Meaningful Activity and Older Homeless People

Meaningful activity – or providing options that offer homeless people something purposeful to do, have become an established part of the homeless sector. Homeless Link is working with hostels and day centres around the country encouraging them to provide activities and become ‘Places of Change’, and helping them put homeless people in touch with external agencies providing daytime activity. Meaningful activities are just as vital when formerly homeless people have been re-housed in their own accommodation, when isolation and boredom can be most acute. The ultimate aim for many people will be preparing people for training or paid employment. This orientation can exclude the older population; they are more likely to be attracted to leisure and social activities. Physical health problems, and/or the effects of long term substance dependence can make physical sports activities too demanding. However access to meaningful activity is just as important to older homeless people to counter isolation, build confidence and social skills, distract from alcohol use and engage in new interests.

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