Measuring Success: Show What We Know - Evaluation Strategies for Drop-In Settings

Measuring Success: Show What We Know is the primary component of the third phase of the City of Toronto Drop-in Review, which is intended to identify strategies for measuring the success of drop-ins and to support drop-ins in implementing success measurement strategies.

This phase of the review was carried out by Public Interest Strategy & Communications, and facilitated by the Toronto Drop-In Network (TDIN), an active coalition of 50 dropin centres working with people who are homeless, marginally housed or socially isolated in Toronto. The TDIN works to increase the capacity of Toronto’s drop-in centres to serve their clients through training, communication, coordination, advocacy and engagement with other member agencies, related service providers and governments. The Network includes drop-ins of all sizes and diverse philosophies serving men, women, youth, seniors and families and member agencies are located throughout the City.

The goal of this phase of the Drop-in Review is to provide opportunities for TDIN agency members, through discussion, research and training to build capacity in developing strategies for measuring and reporting on the success of drop-ins and enabling drop-ins to better identify successes and opportunities for improvement. This phase of the Review also supports drop-ins in implementing success measurement processes.

Measuring Success: Show What We Know provides the basis for developing a success measurement system. It is based on extensive research and consultation and provides guidelines and recommendations that enable drop-ins to develop appropriate success measurements for each of the centres in Toronto.

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Toronto, ON, Canada