Nadine: from struggling past to bright, secure future

A single parent living on the outskirts of Vancouver, Nadine’s transient, poorly paid jobs made it hard to make ends meet and to provide for her three-and five-year old daughters.

She worried constantly that they would lose their home.

A friend suggested that Nadine check out BladeRunners, a program run by the ACCESS organization – a Raising the Roof partner agency. BladeRunners supports young people in difficult situations to develop their skills and employment opportunities through a structured training program.  

With BladeRunners’ help, Nadine completed her WCB First Aid Level 3 certification and her Certified Safety Officer training (with a mark of 98%!). Today, she is the Site Safety Officer for Bastion Development Corporation at its UBC Chorus site. She has a bright, secure future and her young family has safe, affordable housing. 

Nadine’s experience has made her strong. She serves as a wonderful role model for others who are facing the barriers she has overcome.  “Like them, I was not in a very good position,” she says. But she is living proof that, with personal determination and the right support, it is possible to turn one’s life around.

*not her real name

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