New Brunswick Child Poverty Report Card 2012

In 1989, the Federal House of Commons unanimously agreed to seek an end to child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. This goal has not been achieved. In 2010, 14.5% of Canadian children lived in poverty.

The Campaign 2000 initiative has been encouraging provinces to take action to eliminate child poverty. It has also worked to remind the public and the federal government of the promise that was made to our children twenty-three years ago.

This report is one of the many provincial report cards that have been written across Canada to paint a picture of the current state of child poverty. This is the seventh year that the New Brunswick Child Poverty Report Card has been prepared. It describes our province’s current child poverty situation, as well as its history and the particular challenges it faces.

In November 2009, NB joined the ranks of provinces that have adopted comprehensive poverty reduction strategies. Overcoming Poverty Together: The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Plan has set a target of reducing income poverty by 25% and deep income poverty by 50% by the year 2015. These targets and timetables are set out in the Economic and Social Inclusion Act, which received Royal Assent in April 2010. 

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