NFA Project

In order to prevent homelessness among the population that is also struggling with mental health issues, it is critical to address the systemic issues that have contributed to the growing problem. There was growing concern among the local shelters about the numbers of people coming directly from hospital in 2002. As a result, a pilot project was created to provide immediate support to find housing, as well as secure income supports in order to maintain housing for people facing mental health challenges. The pilot intervention was designed to prevent first-time homelessness among individuals who were psychiatrically stable but about to be discharged from hospital without housing. This was then expanded to provide support to anyone at risk of discharge to homelessness, regardless of prior history of homelessness.

Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) has developed a framework to identify and share promising practices in order to support communities in the development of effective programmatic solutions to homelessness in Canada. This case study is part of the promising practice framework "What Works and for Whom?". You can access the framework and the other case studies here.

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London, ON, Canada