No Place at the Table, a Study of the Homelessness in Fredericton

This study was designed as a needs assessment of homelessness in Fredericton. It presents an informed overview of the services available to homeless people in Fredericton and information about the needs of homeless people who use that city's Emergency Shelter and Community Kitchen. It begins with a discussion of the context of homelessness, related policy issues, and New Brunswick's response to those issues. Information from the literature on the homeless in other cities & provinces is also summarized. After a summary of the services to the homeless available in Fredericton and the utilization of those services, perspectives on homelessness are presented from the point of view of service agencies. This is followed by a demographic profile of homeless people interviewed during the study and their suggestions on how their lives could be made better. The final section reviews overall findings of the study for Fredericton and outlines potential actions to address the problems encountered.

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