Ottawa - Community Action Plan 2009-2014

The Homelessness Community Capacity Building (CCB) Steering Committee is pleased to introduce Ottawa’s fourth community action plan on homelessness.

This five-year plan supports the efforts of many dedicated people and organizations in our community working to ensure access to affordable, adequate, and sustainable housing for every resident of Ottawa. Continuing the tradition, extensive community consultation was done with stakeholder representatives including consumers of services; and service providers for all client groups including Aboriginal, Francophone, youth, men, women, and GLBTTQ; business community; politicians; funders and activists. This consultation involved a questionnaire completed by 64 front line workers and clients (see results in Appendix A); 19 key informant interviews (see list of informants in Appendix B) conducted with community leaders and experts in homelessness; and a workshop for brainstorming solutions held with over 100 participants (summarized in section 6 below and in Appendix C. Full text is available from the Housing Branch). Recent key documents on homelessness were also reviewed (see end notes).

The consultation confirmed the same priorities as contained in previous plans:

• Increase the supply of affordable and appropriate housing in the City of Ottawa.

• Prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless, and assist people while they are homeless.

• Advocate for legislative and policy changes to end homelessness.

• Ensure a coordinated, comprehensive and accountable community response to homelessness.

Publication Date: 
Ottawa, ON, Canada