Part 2: Operations Manual

The Housing First for Youth (HF4Y) program model – a youth-focused adaption of the successful Housing First intervention – is a promising example of how to do this work effectively. The THIS is Housing First for Youth: Program Model Guide provides a detailed account of the model, its origins, global adaptions, philosophy, and core principles. It is a must read for those who are new to the HF4Y approach or who would like to learn more about its core elements.

This manual was created in response to community feedback that there needed to be more detailed guidance on how to do HF4Y successfully. The knowledge shared here was produced through active engagement with practitioners from across Canada and in Europe who have practice experience in providing supports to young people and their families within the HF4Y framework. The operations manual is a companion to the HF4Y program model guide and training. It is intended for executive directors, program managers and supervisors, community planners, and other leaders who are interested in adapting the HF4Y program in their community, service delivery professionals and frontline workers, case counsellors, and registered professionals working with young people who are marginalized or at-risk of or experiencing homelessness. It includes information relevant to planning and operating a HF4Y program and resources to make the process smoother, such as sample outreach materials, an operations budget, landlord engagement materials, job descriptions and postings, staff supervision and case management forms, and evaluation tools.

Chad Story
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