Pathways to Homelessness Among Caribbean Youth Aged 15-25 in Toronto

The primary goal of the research project was to ascertain patterns, trends, and pathways related to episodes of homelessness among Caribbean youth. The data component of the study used in-depth qualitative interviews with homeless Caribbean youth 15-25 to develop a greater understanding of the socio-demographic characteristics of ‘street-involved’ Caribbean youth, the ways in which they found themselves homeless, their support systems, interactions with police, vulnerabilities, and the impacts these have on their self-image and sense of control over their lives. The sample was opportunistic, and was drawn from six agencies serving homeless youth in Toronto. In addition, we were provided with access to the data on fifteen Black (African/Caribbean) respondents within a larger sample (N = 261)in a study entitled: Food Insecurity and Nutritional Vulnerability Among Homeless Youth in Toronto, which was carried out by Valerie Tarasuk, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. (abstract from the report)

Publication Date: 
Toronto, ON, Canada