Pinch a Penny or Two

Saving some green on a human services salary

Chances are you’re not in this field for the money – but that doesn’t mean you can’t save some green by being smart. Here are just a few ways to spend wisely:

1) Get your books, DVDs and magazines from the library. Free rentals? They are a no-brainer.

2) Bundle your cable, internet and telephone service. We are all wired in lots of ways –combining them can often result in savings.

3) Take your lunch to work. It’s easy to zip out to for a Big Mac when you’re pressed for time, but you’ll see your paycheck dwindle. Start out slow – commit to one or two days a week when you’ll brown bag it and see how it adds up.

4) Stop smoking…or at least cut back. You work too hard to pay close to $5 a pack – get a friend to quit with you or find a local support group.

5) Ditch the landline. With all the reliable cell phone services and competitive prices out there, who needs the added burden of a home phone payment?

6) Avoid paying checking account fees. Shop around to make sure you use a bank that’s not cashing in on your checking account.

7) Become your own barista. Sometimes that frothy latte is just what you need to get you through a tough day – but make a habit of it and you’ll have less to spend at the end of the month.

8) Walk or bike. Whether it’s walking or cycling to work or to a friend’s house, save on gas when you can. Got an expensive gym membership? Find a nearby park or bike path and reconnect with nature.

9) Add thrift stores to your weekend shopping list. Maybe you need a new coffee table or a vintage dress for a special occasion. Nothing beats the selection – or the prices – at a good thrift store!

10) Make a grocery list, stick to it, and don’t go back again until next week. Going to the grocery store without a list – or worse yet – on an empty stomach, can be expensive. So can those in-between trips for a frozen pizza and ice cream at the end of a long day.

Finally, put a little cash away each week. Even if you only put $10 into a savings account each week, it adds up. Start small, then build your savings habits. You’ll be grateful for it later.

Publication Date: 
Rockville, MD, USA