Prince Albert Community Plan on Homelessness 2011 - 2014

The previous Prince Albert planning document that dealt with homeless issues was the November 2007 Community Action Plan on Homelessness and Housing. It provided direction for the community with respect to activities that would have a positive influence on achieving more attainable housing and alleviating homelessness for the three years ending March 31, 2011. The results of projects funded by the Homelessness Partnering Strategy during the interim, and other community actions involving the six priorities established in that document, were subsequently assessed in January 2011.

Thanks to actions taken in response to the 2007 plan priorities, additional capacity at the city’s emergency shelters was created, and transitional housing beds more than doubled. An increase in knowledge among and cooperation between social service organizations that make referrals for the homeless and people at risk of homelessness is beginning to impact affected members of the community.

Publication Date: 
Prince Albert, SK, Canada