Prince Albert Homelessness Winter Count 2021

To gain a better understanding of homelessness in the community, the Community Advisory Board for Prince Albert’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy commissioned the Living Skies Centre for Social Inquiry to conduct a point-in-time homelessness count (PIT count). Held on March 24, 2021, this count involved the enumeration of individuals on the street as well as those spending the night in various facilities throughout the community. The results of this count will not only be used for local planning and development, but will be submitted to the National Homelessness Partnering Strategy for inclusion in a Canada-wide observation of homelessness1.

The first section of this report provides a brief understanding of homelessness, including the various contexts and definitions of the issue. The second section describes the rationale, design, benefits and limitations of point-in-time methodologies for research on homelessness. The third section of this report introduces the five-part methodology used to identify homelessness in Prince Albert. This is followed by a presentation of results and findings. The closing section of this report offers limitations to the methodology described herein.

Publication Date: 
Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada