Report on Homelessness in Sudbury: Time 1 Comparison of Findings July 2000 to July 2002

This study has demonstrated that the growing homelessness crisis, documented in Canada’s major urban centres, is also a serious problem in Sudbury. This study identified over 400 different homeless men, women, and children using shelters and other services in a one-week period in July, 2000. In addition to the findings of the agency count, a survey conducted in a random sample of neighbourhoods in the city found homeless persons staying temporarily in 4.2% of households. This community has only 68 shelter beds. The need for beds and support programs greatly outstrips the capacity to serve this population. While additional shelters, beds, and services must be established to ease the immediate pressure to support hundreds of homeless people in this community, it must be recognized that these measures will do little to stem the rising tide; the major systemic causes of homelessness include the restrictions and cutbacks in social security programs, a growing gap between rich and poor, and the lack of affordable housing.

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Sudbury, ON, Canada