Report on Homelessness in Sudbury: Time 2 - Comparison of Findings from July 2000 and January 2001

This study has confirmed many of the same trends revealed in our first report based on the July, 2000 data collection. The magnitude of the problem was verified, with 341 homeless individuals identified in January compared with 407 individuals identified in July. Furthermore, in January, 2001, 100 of these individuals (29%) were absolutely homeless, using the restrictive definition of homelessness that has been rejected by many as underestimating the problem(Casavant, 1999).The strong presence of women and children among Sudbury’s homeless population was confirmed in the current study, as was the over-representation of First Nations people. However, one important difference between the Time 1 and Time 2 studies was that the proportion of Francophones in the homeless population matched their numbers in the total population in the latter, while they were under-represented in the former.The neighbourhood survey also produced similar findings as the earlier study, with 10 homeless individuals identified in July, 2000 and 7 in January (4.2% and 3.6% of households, respectively).

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Sudbury, ON, Canada