RESEARCH BRIEF #1: Engaging Families & Natural Supports

Youth Homelessness Prevention Community of Practice

This research brief provides key considerations, complexities and opportunities involved in the process of connecting to family and natural supports for youth at-risk of and experiencing homelessness based on the literature. It is intended to contribute research knowledge to frontline practice in engaging family and natural supports to prevent young people from becoming homeless or transitioning them out of homelessness.


About the Research Brief Series

This research brief series was created as part of the efforts of Making the Shift Youth Homelessness Demonstration Lab to build stronger links between research and practice, towards improving program processes and outcomes in preventing youth homelessness. Topics are established based on the identified needs and interests of our Communities of Practice through documentary analysis of meeting minutes, refined based on the literature and confirmed in consultation with members. The research is conducted through a systematic process that is based on a modified scoping review framework (Arksey & O’Malley, 2005). Literature across fields such as prevention, social services, health, and homelessness are included and themes are extracted based on the objectives of the brief.

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