Section 8: The New Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Section 8 program is one of the most important federal housing programs available to assist people with disabilities. With Section 8 housing assistance, people with disabilities can become more independent and have the opportunity for full community integration. It is now the largest federal housing program targeted to extremely low-income households. In fiscal year 2002, Congress appropriated approximately $15 billion in continued funding for the Section 8 program – equal to half the entire U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budget. 

Section 8 is also one of the most complicated and confusing programs. The Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc. has recently published Section 8 Made Simple: Using the Housing Choice Voucher Program to Assist People with Disabilities. This guidebook is a valuable tool for self-advocates, case managers, family members, advocates, direct service providers, etc., who work with people with disabilities to

address their housing needs. It contains practical information to assist people with disabilities and the entire disability community to navigate through the federal Section 8 program. This issue of Opening Doors highlights important information about the Section 8 program contained in Section 8 Made Simple. (Authors)

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Opening Doors 17