Self-Reported Needs for Help Among Homeless Men and Women

This article discusses a study that investigated needs for services reported by a representative sample of 1,260 homeless men and women interviewed in New York City shelters. Findings indicated that respondents identified multiple needs. Needs related to meeting fundamental survival demands, such as housing, income and employment, were most frequently cited by both men and women. Gender differences in self-reported needs were found in nine areas. The areas in which men more frequently reported need than did women included: drinking and drug problems; learning how to handle money; getting veteran's benefits; problems with the police; finding a place to live; and getting along better with other people. Need for help with health and medical problems and learning self-protection skills were the only areas in which women reported significantly higher levels of need than did the men.

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Evaluation and Program Planning 17(3): 249-256, 1994.