A Snapshot of Poverty in Calgary 2019

Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) is the backbone organization to a collective impact initiative in Calgary, Alberta. The mandate of VCC is to be a steward of Enough for All, Calgary’s poverty reduction strategy. The advancement of policy is a key component of VCC’s role as a backbone, and it is with this role in mind that VCC has decided to produce another report, collating statistics that reflect the incidence of low income in the Calgary Census Metropolitan area, or CMA. Due to some significant and largely positive changes in social policy, and a refreshed Enough for All strategy, VCC has decided to release a Poverty Snapshot for 2019. The purpose of this snapshot is to provide Enough for All stakeholders with low-income statistics that can be utilized in their current and future efforts, and more generally to make Statistics Canada and other income data more accessible. This report builds on the report “Poverty in Calgary: A picture on the incidence and experience of low income in Calgary and area1.”

The following sources were also used for content:
• Enough for All 2018 Evaluation
• Enough for All 2.02
• Statistics Canada – 2017 Canadian household income survey and the 2016 Canadian census
• University of Calgary School of Public Policy- social policy trends reports3

Publication Date: 
Calgary, AB, Canada