Social Housing Available in Hastings County


The goal of Hastings County Housing Services is to provide safe, modest and affordable housing for low-income households in Hastings County.

Hastings County Housing Services is a division of the Hastings County Social Services Department. The majority of funding is provided by Hastings County, with additional funding provided by the Federal and Provincial Governments. This funding provides Hastings County Housing Services with the resources to maintain and administer subsidized rental housing and supplement private sector units within Hastings County.

The Hastings County Social Housing Registry

Hastings County Housing Services administers the Hastings County Social Housing Registry. This list provides one, centralized waiting list for social housing in Hastings County. “The Registry” also provides a more accurate view of social housing needs in Hastings County.

Housing Available In Hastings County

Hastings County Housing Services directly owns and manages 1,432 social housing units, 273 rent supplement units and administers 851 non-profit units owned by 15 different non-profit housing and cooperative corporations.

Units are located throughout various locations within Hastings County.


Applicants must be 16 years of age or older, and must be a Canadian citizen or have a Landed Immigrant status. Once on the Hastings County Social Housing Registry waiting list, applicants will be selected for housing based on the date of the application. Special consideration is given to applicants if they are being abused and are in fear of their lives or their children’s lives or if they are homeless.

Applications Available in Hastings County

Applicants can apply by calling the Intake Access Centre at 613-771-9630 or 1-866-414-0300 during regular business hours Monday-Friday from 8:30am- 4:30pm. Applicants may also ask for an application by mail or telephone.


People living in subsidized housing pay approximately 30% of their total household income towards rent. Households on a fixed income such as Ontario Works, or Ontario Disability Support Program pay according to provincially mandated scales.

New Affordable Housing

Hastings County Housing Services is responsible for encouraging the creation and development of new affordable housing in Hastings County. This includes new non-profit housing, new affordable rental housing and new affordable housing for purchase.


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