Social Work in Services with Homeless People - Summer 2014

Social work with homeless people takes many forms, including work in residential, employment, health, education and legal services and social workers’ experiences may differ from service to service and from country to country. Changes in national and European contexts mean that social services for homeless people are changing too, and with them the work of social workers.

This issue of Homeless in Europe magazine explores different issues regarding homelessness and social work and the role of the social worker in homelessness services, including: training and support for social workers working with homeless people; assessment of specific types of services and the skills and knowledge necessary for providing that service, as well as the personal experience of social workers providing the service; explorations of national social policy which can have an effect on social workers’ work and European realities and their effect on social workers’ work.



From Fixer to Facilitator – A New Role for Social Workers?
Margaret-Ann Brünjes

Education and Training Provision for Homeless Sector Workers: Contexts, Benefits and Challenges
Briege Casey

Reflective Practice for Staff Working in the Homeless Sector: Theory, Practice and Evidence of Burnout
Dr Nick Maguire

‘Mindshift’ and Social Work Methods in a Large-Scale Housing First Programme in Denmark
Lars Benjaminsen

Social Workers: Challenges and Contributions to Housing First Support Programmes
Patricia Bezunartea Barrio

Standardisation of Homeless Services in Poland
Jakub Wilczek

The Future of Homeless Employment Policy in Poland, Following Forthcoming Reforms
Paweł Jaskulski

The Homelessness Coordinator Is Ending His Mandate. What Comes Next?
Carl Wirehag
Social Support for Homeless People in Lithuania. Where Are We Heading?
Aida Karčiauskienė

Athens: Social Exclusion and Increasing Homelessness – The Financial Crisis and the Approaches to the Problem
Dimitra Nousi

Why Romanian Migrants Don’t Want to Come
Monica Breazu

Publication Date: 
Summer 2014