Streetohome Vancouver

This report wraps up the work of Dobell Advisory Services Inc. and DCF Consulting which were retained by the City to develop solutions to homelessness that would attract partnerships with and investment from the corporate, philanthropic and community sectors. The Dobell/Fairbairn report, “Vancouver Homelessness Funding Model: More than just a warm bed” proposed a new funding model that would broaden the investment in solutions to homelessness, and proposed a specific partnership with the Province to secure Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) rooms and develop City-owned sites for supportive housing units for persons with a mental illness and/or substance abuse problem who were homeless or at risk. Council approved in principle the funding model and the partnership with the Province, instructed staff and the consultants to pursue the regulatory changes and funding commitments from the senior governments, and to consult with the corporate, philanthropic and community sectors.

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