The Struggle to End Homelessness in Canada: How We Created the Crisis, and How We Can End it

FREE Access to Full Text: This editorial discusses approaches to ending homelessness in Canada. Featured in the "Future of Homeless Services" Special Issue, the guest edited by the Homelessness Resource Center, was published in the Open Health Services and Policy Journal. Stephen Gaetz explores the sources and solutions to homelessness in Canada.

The current Canadian response to homelessness focuses on prevention, rapid transition out of homelessness, and the provision of emergency services. However, until the structural conditions that create and perpetuate homelessness are addressed, efforts to end homelessness will be limited at best. In this editorial, the director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network and the Homeless Hub proposes key steps toward developing a more comprehensive approach to ending homelessness in Canada. (Authors)

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Open Health Services and Policy Journal
Rockville, MD, USA