Successes & Challenges of Feminist Arts-based Research with Street-involved women - Homeless Hub Research Summary Series

Homelessness is often seen as a “male” issue, which has often led to social service resources being directed at men. However, there is a growing number of women living in sub-standard housing or on the streets. Although similar causes of homelessness exist between men and women, such as poverty and a lack of affordable housing, women’s homelessness is largely a result of fleeing situations of domestic abuse. Although art is one of the earliest forms of communication, it has not been used much in social science research. Arts-based research is strongly related to therapy and because feminist researchers work in collaborative, participatory and social-change oriented ways to better the lives of women, feminist arts-based approaches to research offer a female-friendly approach to knowledge gathering.

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Successes and challenges of feminist arts-based participatory methodologies with homeless/street-involved women in Victoria was published in Action Research, Volume 9, Issue 1 in 2011.

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The Homeless Hub
BC, Canada