A Survey of Domiciliary Hostel Program Tenants in Ontario Final Report

The goal of this project was to support policy work and service planning by providing reliable information about the characteristics and service needs of tenants in the Domiciliary Hostel Program in Ontario. This information was obtained through face-toface interviews with a representative sample of Domiciliary Hostel Program tenants and linkages with provincial databases to obtain supplemental information on these tenants.

The specific objectives of this research project were:

1. To describe the characteristics of Domiciliary Hostel Program tenants in terms of:

  • Demographics
  • Income and Education
  • Prevalence of mental illness, substance abuse, and other vulnerabilities
  • Physical and Mental Health status
  • Participation in community life

2. To describe Domiciliary Hostel Program tenants’ current use of supports and services with respect to:

  • Participation in community life;
  • Mental health and addiction services;
  • Social services; and
  • Health care

3. To describe the life paths of Domiciliary Hostel Program tenants by characterizing:

  • Reasons that led to their entry into the current Domiciliary Hostel
  • Satisfaction with their current housing
  • Preferences for future housing
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