The Tenth Report Card on Homelessness in Greater Moncton, 2017

Moncton shelters saw an overall drop in the number of individuals accessing their services in 2016 with 759 different individuals booking in to beds; a drop of 7%. This is good news for the region, however, even though there are less overall users within the shelter system, Moncton shelters are seeing people stay longer when they do come. The average length of stay per admission increased to 6.07 days in 2016 from 5.55 days in 2015. When looking at the number of days stayed per client we see an average of 17.18 days/ year in 2016 versus 14.76 days in 2015. Individuals accessing shelters are also returning more often; 5.8% of individuals stayed 10 times or more at shelters in 2016 from 4.16% in 2015. About 25% of clients from each of the two shelters access both locations. These numbers show the need to continue to increase supportive housing options for those who may have difficulty maintaining housing on their own and an increased difficulty in general in finding safe, stable, affordable accommodations.A slight increase is also seen (4.63%) in individuals discharged from health (hospital, detox, psychiatric treatment) and correctional institutions directly to shelters, speaking to gaps in our overall system of care and coordination across the broader system of support.

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