Thompson Point-in-Time Count 2022

The 2022 PiT Count is a survey of homeless adults in Thompson on the evening of March 30th through to April 13th. PiT counts provides a community level measure to participating communities of their sheltered and unsheltered populations,
and a comparative analysis that aids in understanding the national picture of homelessness in Canada. According to the Reaching Home (2022), a PiT Count of homeless serves two main purposes for communities:

  1. To identify service needs

  2. Inform planning to prevent and reduce homelessness

The COVID-19 pandemic reduced the capacity of many communities across Canada to implement a 2020 PiT Count, resulting in communities implementing counts anytime between 2020 and 2022.

For the 2022 PiT Count, we were able to classify surveyed individuals as “chronically” or “episodically” homeless. The chronically homeless include those who spend their nights at the Thompson Homeless Shelter (THS), while those episodically homeless may reside temporarily at the MMWT hostel, the Thompson Crisis Centre, the Y.W.C.A., or at Phoenix House 1or 2.

Publication Date: 
Thompson, Manitoba, Canada