Until all of Us Have Made It: Gender Equality and Access in our Own Words

‘Until All of Us Have Made It’ highlights how gender-based inequalities play out differently for different segments of the population. The report is based on an opinion survey the Foundation commissioned in early 2020.

Whether looking at outcomes in employment, health, educa­tion, or other areas, there are women in Canada who continue to face significant challenges and systemic inequality. For some women — Indigenous women, racialized women, immigrant women, and women with disabilities to name a few — improvements have been marginal or insignificant.

We asked people in Canada from different backgrounds and identities about the barriers they experience in the following key areas:

  • access to education;
  • access to employment/fair pay;
  • access to housing; and
  • experiences of abuse and access to support services

There are many reports and studies about gendered outcomes in education, employment, income, housing, abuse, and service access, but this report focuses on lived experiences, in the words of respondents, with an intersectional lens. In the context of COVID-19, these results are even more concerning and highlight the importance of post-pandemic recovery plans with an intersectional gendered approach.

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