Urban-Rural Migration and Health and Quality of Life in Homeless People

Homelessness can impact one's use of health and social services. Our paper provides a descriptive analysis of the nature, prevalence and impacts of migration amongst homeless people in two cities. We examine experiences of 120 homeless men in Vancouver and Kelowna in relation to their mobility and its impact(s) on housing stability, health status and behaviours, health and social services. Data were collected for a three year period in which homeless participants traveled from one location (either Kelowna or Vancouver) to live in other cities or towns. Men's reasons for moving, types of services/benefits received in each place, reasons for leaving, and what impact(s) (positive or negative) moving had on their ability to receive services and the effects on their health and quality of life are presented. Our work suggests that differences may exist in reasons for moving to, or leaving a city, and these factors may influence housing, health and behaviours.

Publication Date: 
75 - 93
1 - 2
Journal Name: 
Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless