Vancouver’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2012-2021 - A home for everyone

Vancouver is a growing and diverse city with significant housing challenges. Providing a range of housing options is critical to the social and economic health of the City. The Housing and Homelessness Strategy describes the City’s overall direction for housing, including what we need and how we will achieve it over the next ten years. It identifies the different kinds of housing necessary to meet the needs of our citizens, as well as ways to improve and better preserve the housing we currently have.

The goals of the strategy are to end street homelessness and provide more affordable housing choices for all Vancouverites. This includes housing that is accessible, affordable and suitable for all income levels, seniors, families and residents challenged by disability. Modest market and rental housing is key to the economic development of the City.

The strategic directions in this document address all points along the Housing Continuum. The Housing Continuum consists of the range of housing options available to households of all income levels, extending from emergency shelter and housing for the homeless through to affordable rental housing and homeownership. In the context of these challenges, the City is committed to policies and actions to improve housing affordability and diversity at all points along the continuum. The strategy will set priorities for capital projects, and direct housing programs, services and decisions.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada