What about You? A Workbook for Those who Work with Others

This workbook, developed by the National Center on Family Homelessness, provides information about self-care for anyone and everyone.

One of the best parts of our work at the National Center on Family Homelessness is that we have the honor of working with many individuals, teams, and organizations around the country. We are continually amazed by the resilience, care, and passion of the people we meet…those who work daily to combat the injustices in our society. We dedicate this guide to them. On the days when you feel as though you’re trodding through mud, we hope you find inspiration in the pages of this guide. And on the days when you’re feeling as though you could take on the world, we hope that you share this guide with others on your team.

No one thing works for everyone. There is no self-care cookie cutter. So we have sprinkled a little bit of everything throughout this guide. We hope that it will make you think, make you laugh, and occasionally make you remember to breathe. (Authors)

Publication Date: 
Newton Centre, MA, USA