Windsor-Essex's Vital Signs Report


In this report there is a collection of local, national, and provincial data representing both the Windsor CMA and Essex County. The term Windsor CMA (Windsor Census Metropolitan Area) is used to describe the Windsor region. This area includes Windsor, Lakeshore, Tecumseh, LaSalle, and Amherstburg. The term Essex County refers to all other areas outside the Windsor CMA. This report also breaks down the data into senior (65 and over) and youth (24 and younger) demographics. The data is organized into 11 different quality of life issue areas, and within these areas the following format is presented:

Grades: Four letter grades will be shown for each quality of life issue area. These grades represent the views of the population samples of the Windsor CMA, Essex County, Seniors, and Youth using the following rating system.

What You Said: In the Vital Signs survey, respondents were asked to provide their opinion on how our community is doing in regard to each quality of life issue area. For example: “How do you rate your community’s air quality?” Respondents used the following answer set: we’re doing great; we’re on the right track; we’re doing okay, but could be doing better, we should look into this; improvement needed; or don’t know/decline to answer. This data is presented in combination with provincial, national, and other local data for comparison.

Top Priorities: Survey respondents were asked to select their top priority for each quality of life issue area. The data was collected and the top three responses overall are presented for each section.

Did You Know: One of the most important aspects of the Vital Signs® report is to inform our community about what exists in our region. The Did You Know section is presented in each quality of life issue area to show what exists in Windsor-Essex to meet the needs and priorities of our residents.

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Housing refers to the accessibility and affordability of living accommodations, as well as providing families and individuals with a sense of security and stability

Top Priorities

  • Increasing the affordability of housing with different levels of assisted care
  • Improving affordability of home ownership
  • Improving the affordability of residential renting

Did you know?

  • The Homeless Coalition of Windsor Essex County with the City of Windsor held a Point in Time Count in April to take a snapshot of the homeless population in Windsor-Essex to measure the number of homeless people on a specific day. These counts are significant because they help to end homelessness. Among other benefits,these counts help by identifying characteristics of our homeless population, assisting with enhancing program development, and increasing public awareness. 
  • The Windsor Downtown Mission has expanded to a second location to provide more sleeping accommodations, as well as addiction services, and separate sleeping areas and shower facilities for men and women with additional space for youth.
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