You Just Blink and It Can Happen: A Study of Women's Homelessness North of 60

Research about women’s homelessness in the North is critical, since women have been identified as among the fastest growing groups in the homeless and at-risk population (Neal 2004). In the North, all women can be considered at risk of homelessness because a small change in their circumstances can jeopardize the fragile structure of their lives that allows them to meet their basic needs. Although everyone living in the Canada’s three northern territories recognizes that housing is a “big problem”, few understand the complex constellation of factors, many of which go well beyond the shortage of housing stock, that conspire to keep thousands of women and their children in a condition of absolute or hidden homelessness. Those who do not live in the North have even less awareness about the despair and day-to-day suffering of these fellow Canadians. The authors of this report are convinced that the story of women and homelessness in the North must be told in such a way that it will inspire political and social will for action. Research is one way to give voice to women whose experience has so far remained on the “margins” of society.

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Pan-Territorial, Canada